COVID-19 Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Prepared by: Graeme Rumney
Date: 27 Jun 2020
For: Leesrigg Cottage

What are the hazards?

Contamination of the cottage and its immediate surroundings with the COVID-19 virus

Who might be harmed and how?

Guests, subsequent guests, the proprietors and their families, and the general public. In particular, those designated as clinically vulnerable, or clinically extremely vulnerable. Individuals may be harmed through contact with contaminated surfaces and through person to person transmission as a result of being in close proximity with infected individuals.

What are you already doing to control the risks?

Before travel (guests)

Guests who, before travelling to the cottage, are exhibiting symptoms or who believe that they may have been in contact with the virus are asked to follow government instructions to stay at home and self-isolate.


Cottage keys will be issued on rotation:- keys used by departing guests will be cleaned, sealed in bag, and retained by the owners for 7 days before being issued to subsequent guests.

Guests are asked to check-in by phoning the proprietors on arrival. Keys will not be handed over person to person, but will be placed in a key-safe for hand-over.

Items such as the visitors book and guest information pack have been removed and replaced by on-line resources available at

Items which are not necessary, in the cottage such as board games, DVDs and tourist information brochures have been removed to minimise potential sources of transmission of the virus.

During your stay

The cottage must be used only by the guests during their stay, and this will be communicated to guests before their arrival.

The proprietors will not enter the property except in an emergency which requires access in the interests of safety. They will only do so when the guests have withdrawn from the property, or to a room which does not need to be accessed.

Before any entry will be carried out by the proprietor(s), the proprietor will put on gloves and a face covering, to minimise the likelihood of transmission of the virus.

Should a guest develop COVID-19 symptoms during their stay, guidance placed in the cottage; in the pre-arrival email; and in the guest information on-line resource will provide them with advice on what steps to take.


Leesrigg cottage is already cleaned to a very high standard, and this regime has been augmented by the measures detailed in Sykes Cottages COVID-19 Cleaning Guide (v2 June 2020).