Leesrigg Cottage, Wainwright Bagging and the Northern Fells

Wainwright Bagging

Between 1955 and 1966 Alfred Wainwright published his pictorial guides to the lakes in the seven volumes. In these books, he recorded the 214 fells, peaks and locations which have become known as Wainwrights, and which in turn gave rise to the term ‘Wainwright Bagging’ which is the challenge of visiting all 214 of the places recorded in the guides. Whilst Sabrina Verjee holds the record for conquering the 214 Wainwrights with a 325-mile route completed in just in 5 days 23 hours 49 minutes, most visitors to the Lake District will choose to bag Wainwrights at a much more leisurely pace!

The Northern Fells

Leesrigg Cottage holiday cottage is ideally situated as a base for you tick off the twenty-four fells mentioned in Alfred Wainwright’s book, The Northern Fells. The closest of these, Binsey is just a five mile drive away from our holiday home, and despite it being a mere 447 metres in height, it still commands some great views. Binsey is also a relatively easy ascent for the novice fell walker, making it the perfect introduction to Wainwight bagging.

Book your stay at Leesrigg Cottage today, and start planning your routes around the fells!

Wainwright: Book 5 - The Northern Fells
  • Skiddaw, 931 m (3,054 ft)
  • Blencathra, 868 m (2,848 ft)
  • Skiddaw Little Man, 865 m (2,838 ft)
  • Carl Side, 746 m (2,448 ft)
  • Long Side, 734 m (2,408 ft)
  • Lonscale Fell, 715 m (2,346 ft)
  • Knott, 710 m (2,329 ft)
  • Bowscale Fell, 702 m (2,303 ft)
View from Lonscale Fell
View from Lonscale Fell
  • Great Calva, 690 m (2,264 ft)
  • Ullock Pike, 690 m (2,264 ft)
  • Bannerdale Crags, 683 m (2,241 ft)
  • Bakestall, 673 m (2,208 ft)
  • Carrock Fell, 663 m (2,175 ft)
  • High Pike, 658 m (2,159 ft)
  • Great Sca Fell, 651 m (2,136 ft)
  • Mungrisdale Common, 633 m (2,077 ft)
  • Brae Fell, 586 m (1,923 ft)
  • Meal Fell, 550 m (1,804 ft)
  • Great Cockup, 526 m (1,726 ft)
  • Souther Fell, 522 m (1,713 ft)
  • Dodd, 502 m (1,647 ft)
  • Longlands Fell, 483 m (1,585 ft)
  • Binsey, 447 m (1,467 ft)
  • Latrigg, 367 m (1,204 ft)

Safety tips

AdventureSmart  www.adventuresmart.uk Be prepared before heading out into the lakes. Ask yourself 3 questions before you set off: Do I have the right gear?  Do I know what the weather will be like?  Am I confident I have the knowledge & skills for the day?