Guest Information

Essential Guest Information

Emergency Contact Information

The owners, Amanda and Graeme live next door, and pride themselves on being on hand to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. If you need to contact us by telephone, our landline and mobile numbers can be found in the printed guest information book or on business cards available in the cottage.
A ‘landline’ telephone is not provided in the cottage. If you do not have access to a mobile phone, then please let us know.
In an emergency or life-threatening situation dial 999 or 112

Accident & Emergency (A&E)

The nearest A&E department is at the Cumberland Infirmary, Newtown Road, Carlisle, CA2 7HY

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is located in the top-left drawer of the dresser in the sitting room.


Out of Hours Doctor – 03000 247 247 (Cumbria Health on Call)
Wigton Group Medical Practice, Wigton CA7 9QD. Tel: 016973 42254


The Dental Surgery, Half-Moon Lane, Wigton. Tel: 016973 45800


Millcroft Vets, 8A Station Road, Aspatria, Wigton, CA7 2AL. Tel: 016973 23898 Emergency Tel: 01900 826666

Power Failure

In the event of a power failure, first check that an RCD has not tripped. The fuseboard is located just above the front door. For your own safety, please contact us before re-energising any RCD.

Fire Alarms

The cottage is equipped with interlinked smoke detectors, which are tested on a regular basis. In the event of an alarm sounding, follow the following instructions:
In the event of a fire, Dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Fire Brigade – the address is 1 LEESRIGG COTTAGES, MEALSGATE, WIGTON, CA7 1BX.
Only if it is safe to tackle the fire, AND you feel confident should you attempt to extinguish it. There is a Fire Blanket and a Fire Extinguisher in kitchen.
Evacuate the building, and assemble on the Large Lawn at the rear of the Cottage to await the emergency services.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The cottage is equipped with Carbon Monoxide Alarms in the Kitchen, the Sitting Room, and the First Floor Bedroom. In the event of an Alarm sounding, please open the windows FULLY, to allow the gas to escape, and vacated the cottage. Please contact us either by telephone, or by knocking on the door.

Check in details

Our standard check-in time is no earlier than 4.00pm on your day of arrival. If you would like to check in earlier than this, please call us in advance to check whether this is possible.

Check out details

Please vacate Leesrigg Cottage by no later than 10.00am on the day of departure. Late departures must be agreed in advance as we need sufficient time to clean and prepare the cottage for our next guests. Please don’t forget to return the keys to us. In the event that we are not available, please lock the door and post the keys through the letter box at the front of the house.

Checklist for your departure day

Late check-out

If you would like to request a late check-out, please request this no later than 10.00am the day before, to allow us to check that we can accommodate it. A late check-out will only be possible if there are no new guests due to arrive on the day in question. Late check-outs may be subject to an additional charge, payable in advance.

Parking and Cycle storage

There is sufficient parking for two vehicles adjacent to the cottage. The driveway is in regular use by the owners, so please park considerately.
If you require secure storage for your bicycle, please contact us, and we will provide you with a key to the garage.

Guest Book and Feedback

We sincerely hope that your stay is as enjoyable as possible, and would like you to return again. To help us understand your needs better, and to continuously improve, please fill out the feedback sheet and add some words to our guest book.


We’d really appreciate it if you could take a few moments to write a review on Tripadvisor, to help others choose a perfect break. Just go to tripadvisor, search for 1 Leesrigg Cottages, and then click on the ‘Write a Review’ button, which appears after the property overview.

Refuse and waste

Refuse collections take place on a Tuesday (with the exception of Bank Holidays). We will take the relevant bins out to the roadside, and return them to the cottage when emptied.
Please recycle wherever possible 😊

Applicance Information

Wood Burning Stove

The stove is designed to burn logs only. Please burn only dry logs, as any other material may cause serious damage to the stove.

To Light the Stove

It is important to keep an approximate minimum depth of ¾” (20mm) of wood ash in the fire box at any time.

Place 1 or 2 firelighters in the bottom, then add some kindling wood criss-crossed, and finally a small log on top. Light the firelighters open the air vent to maximum (to the right) and close the door to the first latch so there is an air gap around it.

Leave it like this for around five minutes or so, the fire should be well alight and the door can now be closed to become air tight. Leave the air control lever to the right for a further 10 to 20 minutes to get the stove completely up to running temperature. If the stove does goes out when the door is closed then the flue is still too cold and will not pull, in this case you may need to leave the door open with kindling burning for longer. The flue’s pull will change dependant on temperature and atmospheric conditions.

The best lever position to achieve maximum efficiency will depend on the chimney draw, but will normally be near the centre. Every chimney is different, and you will eventually find your stove’s optimum position. This is when the flames are swirling in a lazy manner around the stove, not roaring. If the lever is pushed too far to the left, you starve the fire of oxygen, causing the glass to darken. Move the lever a small amount to the right until the glass just stays clean. We do not recommend use of a stove thermometer – the high efficiency of the stove means flue gases are cool and would give an inaccurate reading, leading to over firing and damage to internal components.

The best way to run any wood stove is ‘little and often’. If you are with the fire, it is best to keep adding a small log every 45 minutes rather than adding large ones every 2 hours.


To reload, open the door slowly to allow the pressure to equalise. Using the glove provided, place the fresh log towards the rear of the appliance. Close the door.

Do not over load the stove with wood and close the damper down, this produces lots of creosote and blackens the glass

Additional Logs

Additional logs are available at £5.00 per bag. Alternatively, logs are available at local petrol stations.





DVD / Blu-ray Player


Smoke Alarms

Do’s and Don’ts

We would like you to enjoy your stay with us. Please observe these requirements, which are here for your safety and security, the safety of other guests, and to allow other guests to enjoy their holiday here.

Smoking / vaping

No Smoking SignSmoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere indoors


When leaving the cottage unoccupied please ensure that all windows and doors are closed and locked. Whilst we are in a very safe area, opportunistic burglaries are not unheard of and leaving an unsecured property invalidates our insurance. We may seek to recover any losses incurred as a result of the cottage being left unsecured.


The area has quite a large population of pipistrelle bats. It is possible that a bat will enter a room if a window is left sufficiently open during dusk or darkness. If a bat enters a room, it will usually fly out of its own accord if the window is opened fully. Switching the lights on in the room is more likely to disorientate the bat, and delay its departure!

Central Heating

The central heating is scheduled to reach optimum temperatures for most guests. If, for your comfort you require a different temperature, please use the ‘temporary override’ feature, or contact us to adjust the settings for you. Using the automated (schedule) settings minimises our environmental impact.


Your Pets MUST NOT be left alone in the cottage at any time.

Please do not allow your pets to climb on the furniture or beds. This will help us to clean and maintain the cottage to a high standard ready for the next guests.

Please clean up after your pet, both around the property, and in the local area. There are local by-laws which require that you clean up after your dog. If you do not have any poop-bags, please let us know, and we will provide you with some.

There are some old towels under the stairs to dry off your soggy-doggy should he or she get caught out by the inclement Cumbrian weather.

Due to the size of the garden, we cannot guarantee that the grounds will be 100% escape proof. However, if you would like to close the gate to help with your pets safety, please do, and we will maintain the gate in whatever position that you leave it.

You should remove all traces (inside and outside) from the Property of pet occupation before you and your Guests vacate the Property at the end of the Holiday Period

We reserve the right to levy an additional charge for any damage caused by your pet.

Getting the most out of your stay

Rain or shine, Cumbria has lots of things to do, and places to go. Visit our Location page for a few pointers which you may find helpful.