Pronouncing Local Place Names!

How a place name is written, and how it is pronounced, can, around these parts, be completely different.  This short guide should be of use if you need to ask for directions!


The natives pronounce it “Spya-tree”, the rest of the world pronounce it “Ass-pay-tree-a”!  It is thought to have originated in around 900AD, when it was named by Norsemen escaping from Ireland.


Pronounced locally as “Blin-rasset”


Pronounced “Gill-cruise”, beginning with a G, not a J!!


Drop the ‘ w’, and pronounce it “Kezz-ick”


Pronounced “Tre-penner”  The name is odd in the sense that when disassembled into its components of Tor, Pen and How, each part translates into Hill, with Tor and Pen being British, and How being Norse!